Why hire a DJ?

With I-Tunes and family members eager to help, why go through the expense of hiring a DJ for your Wedding?
First, equipment, I bring multiple speakers, cords, mixers, microphones, and extension cords. Something will not work at your show, and I am prepared.
Second, you want this particular song to play at this particular point in the ceremony? I have done a sound check at home to be sure that th…is will work smoothly. If it’s a big moment, I’ll have it cued on two devices ready to go in case one freaks out. I’ll throw a switch and no one will notice that the first device failed.
Third, being a good DJ is hard. Keeping the dance floor full. Accepting appropriate requests. And monitoring the flow of the reception to make sure big things are on time (bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc.) Don’t put that pressure on a relative.
Fourth: Experience. You want someone who has done this before. Someone who will wear the proper attire, knows the equipment, and your requested playlist. Someone who is respectful to your guests, the facility staff, and to you.

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