Who am I not?

Who am I not?
When describing what kind of Wedding DJ I am, I have to first explain to folks who have seen me do a trivia show that I am not that guy. When I’m doing trivia, I’m providing the entertainment for the evening at a bar or restaurant. When I’m DJing your wedding, I’m not.
This amazes me because I have seen wedding DJs that don’t seem to get it. I remember going to a wedding for my wife’s family and seeing the wedding DJ handing out plastic maracas by running all over the dance floor. Then later during the garter ceremony, he kept handing the groom giant flashlights to find it.
It was awkward at best, and infuriating at worst.
When I DJ your wedding, I understand that my job is to make sure your reception is fun, and that the Bride and Groom are the star. We will discuss the type of reception you want, the songs you want to hear, and the atmosphere you are wanting me to provide.

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