The hardest wedding I’ve ever set up for


This past weekend was the hardest wedding I’ve ever set up for. The venue was outside at a beautiful private lake with cabins and docks and a small pavilion. It was a fantastic venue. The only unfortunate thing was that the terrain prevented me from parking close and required me to haul all of the gear by hand. 2 17” speakers, 2 DJ Tables, 2 Speaker Stands, A box of equipment that included over 200 feet of speaker cables, extension cords, microphones, wireless mics, mixers and more. I stopped by on Friday before rehearsal and did a mock set up.

I don’t usually do this, but because of circumstances including using some new equipment and because I was providing the music and live audio for the ceremony, I wanted to make sure all was okay. I arrived at about 5pm on a very hot June day in Georgia. After bringing my equipment down, setting up, and then leaving for my 8pm¬†trivia show I was fairly confident. On Saturday I arrived at 10am, to reset. The wedding wasn’t until 5pm that night. So after setting up again, and covering everything in case it rained, I left at noon.

All total I spent 4 hours just on the setup to make sure everything worked perfectly for the bride and groom. Typically, I don’t need that much time. But I wanted to make sure everything was flawless…and it was.

The picture is what I looked like following the Friday set up.


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