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April and Tanner’s Reception

Tanner and April's Reception

Below are some of the photos taken during April and Tanner’s reception this past summer. An outdoor wedding at a private lake with over one hundred guests. Photos courtesy of Phillip Faulkner Photography (

Who am I not?


Who am I not? When describing what kind of Wedding DJ I am, I have to first explain to folks who have seen me do a trivia show that I am not that guy. When I’m doing trivia, I’m providing the entertainment for the evening at a bar or restaurant. When I’m DJing your wedding, I’m not. This amazes meRead the rest of this page »

Why hire a DJ?


With I-Tunes and family members eager to help, why go through the expense of hiring a DJ for your Wedding? First, equipment, I bring multiple speakers, cords, mixers, microphones, and extension cords. Something will not work at your show, and I am prepared. Second, you want this particular song to play at this particular point in the ceremony? I haveRead the rest of this page »

The hardest wedding I’ve ever set up for


This past weekend was the hardest wedding I’ve ever set up for. The venue was outside at a beautiful private lake with cabins and docks and a small pavilion. It was a fantastic venue. The only unfortunate thing was that the terrain prevented me from parking close and required me to haul all of the gear by hand. 2 17”Read the rest of this page »

This is the most fun I've ever had at a wedding reception. And you are a big reason why.